How does web development work?

There are four main steps in the development of a website. Firstly, analysis of the situation allows us gather exactly what your website must do to best serve the needs of your unique situation. We will then draw up initial designs from the specification which has been collaboratively worked on to give you a preview of how the website will look once completed. This design is refined until it is exactly what you would like. Next is behind the scenes -- the coding. The website is developed from the ground up to mimic the design as much as possible. Once developed, the side is tested rigorously to ensure it fulfills your needs. If testing is successful, the website is uploaded for all to enjoy.

How much will it cost?

Each website is holistically evaluated to determine the cost of completion. There are many factors which affect the cost of a website and so there is no set cost for development. These factors include:

  • the complexity of the project (How many pages are there? Do they follow the same template?)
  • bespoke features (i.e. scroll effects and picture galleries)
  • how the website is to be maintained (Do you need to update it yourself?)

We will always work hard to come to an agreement, allowing you to get your perfect website within your budget.

What do you need before starting?

You need an idea. Something around which to build the website. Of course a majority of people looking for a website will have this, otherwise why build a website? The main things you will need is a concept of what the website needs to do, why you want the website, what you want to put on the website, etc. These are all very important in producing a great user experience. We can design and build an amazing website for you; don’t worry if you haven’t planned every word on the page. As long as you have an idea of what you want on the website, the details can be ironed out during the analysis phase, before design or development begins.

How is the website maintained and optimised?

As a small team with a specialty in design and development, we cannot currently offer a regular maintenance or search-engine optimisation program. That being said, we can surely update and add new content to your website on occasion. If your website must be updated regularly with new content, there are two options:

  1. The website can be desgined around an intuitive content management system such as wordpress. This will allow you the have full access to add, update and delete content as you please with no maintenance cost.
  2. The website can be hard coded and taken to a third-party maintenance company for updates and optimisation.

How long does it take?

The length of development of a website depends entirely on the specification. How long a website will take to complete follows the same core factors as in deciding the price of the website. The more complex the website, the more time required to build all of the various pages. This phase will also require more effort on your part as you will need to write content for all of these pages. With bespoke features such as scroll effects, image galleries and video implementation, they may look simple but a lot of work is required to ensure they work smoothly on all devices. As above, mainenance of the website will also play a roll. If the website is to be built around a content management system, this will take longer as the site must first be build and then migrated to the new management platform. These are the main project-duration affecting factors

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